Night in Garden of Eden X Eden Horse 등록일 : 2022-11-16 17:48:16.0

Greetings EdenLoop community!

We are beyond thrilled to announce [Night in Garden of Eden X Eden Horse] video is up now EdenLoop official Youtube channel!

1. GOE 'EDEN NIGHT' economy and ecosystem

-Garden of Eden aims for an economic substitutional reality between the boundary of reality and virtual

2.Eden Horse [Stallion. NFT Horse Racing. Families]

-the beginning of our metaverse, is a unique and valuable project where economic activities in the border of darkness will be live!

>Project Intro 

>NFT holder benefits

>NFT horse racing

Video link: https://youtu.be/NN7pFE-3-N0

Stay tuned as we're gona bring you more fun and excited videos about EdenLoop project!