NFT Marketplace ‘Edenloop’ BlockLoop System Unveiled, Influx Increased From Previous Month [2021-12-16] 등록일 : 2022-11-16 16:56:26.0

As interest in Metaverse and NFTs in Korea continues, the influx and traffic from associated platforms is increasing dramatically.

A manager of the NFT Edenloop.net marketplace said: “Admissions increased 205% in November compared to October and subscribers increased by 80%. We realize that interest in NFT trading is increasing dramatically. ”

Edenloop Marketplace now has 250,000 users in just three months after opening.

Recently, Edenloop caught the industry’s attention by releasing the Block Loop system plan.

The Block Loop System is an NFT search engine that operates in the Blockchain ecosystem in a manner similar to Google’s web crawler technology.

Through the Block Loop system, the ecosystem between each exchange is connected to induce decentralized transactions and at the same time, it provides a convenient environment where general users can more easily browse and exchange NFT jobs from multiple exchanges at once. .

The Edenloop will serve as an indicator of the fundamentals to assess the liquidity and intrinsic value of NFTs.

Meanwhile, Edenloop’s hallmark is the meeting of metaverse and trade. It is called “M-COMMERCE”. This is a new e-commerce site where you can discover and buy products and services on Metaverse.

Anyone can easily issue or own NFTs on the Edenloop platform, offering a new experience to prosumers (producers + consumers).

Blockchain Association officials said, “The introduction of the Block Loop system will prevent NFT jobs from focusing on a specific exchange. True decentralized NFT transactions will be possible.