EdenLoop ELT Listing Events on DigiFinex 등록일 : 2022-11-16 11:55:53.0


This is EdenLoop.

EDEN LOOP TOKEN (ELT) will be listing on DigiFinex (open trading service of ELT/USDT) at 06:00 (UTC) on Feb 28, 2022. The specific schedule is as follows:

Time of opening deposit: 28th Feb 01:00 (UTC)

Time of opening trading: 28th Feb 06:00 (UTC)

Time of opening withdrawal: 28th Feb 01:00(UTC)

Trading pair: ELT/USDT

ELT’s listing on Digifinex will launch the following events:

Event period: Feb 28, 2022 01:00 (UTC) to Mar 7, 2022 01:00 (UTC)

Rewards distribution: rewards will be distributed in 7 days after this event ends

Event 1: Follow & Retweet to Share 10,000 ELT

To participate in this event, users should:

1. Follow DigiFinex’s Twitter(https://twitter.com/DigiFinex).

2. Follow ELT’s official Twitter (https://twitter.com/eden_loop).

3. Share or retweet the ‘New Coin Listing’ post using hashtag#DigiFinexListsELT, and tag three of your friends, so that you can participate the airdrop campaign.

4. Reward claim: Save the links and screenshots as well as provide your DigiFinex UID, upload them to our Google document link(https://forms.gle/nLZU3SXM2LkxohpF8) to claim your reward.

5. The first 1000 participants satisfied the requests above will get 5 ELT airdrop each. Also we will randomly select 100 participants to distribute 50 ELT for each UID!

Limited quantity ; first come first served ; until all are given out!

Event 2: Trade ELT to share 10,000 ELT

During this event, users whose trading volume (buys & sells) ranks among the top 100 and are greater than 2,000 USDT can share 10,000 ELT according to the proportion of personal trading volumes.

1. Reward calculation: Your reward = (personal trading volume / total trading volume of the top 100 users) *10,000 ELT

Event 3: Stake ELT to share 10,000 ELT

We will set 10,000 ELT in candy box during this event and users can get interest by staking ELT. Rewards will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Event 4: New registered users share 100,000 ELT airdrop

To participate in this event, users should:

1. Register your DigiFinex account: https://www.digifinex.com/en-us

2. Generate ELT deposite address in Digifinex

3. Upload your Digifinex ELT deposite address, your email address, and your telegram’s username to our Google document link(https://forms.gle/8srB2ffpjAEhcLGd6) to claim your reward.

4. Users who complete the above operations will receive a random airdrop reward of more than 10 ELT

5. Limited quantity, first come first served, until all are given out!