Introducing EdenLoop Tokenomics 등록일 : 2022-11-16 10:59:34.0

Greeting, EdenLoop Community. Ready to dive into EDENLOOP TOKENIMICS?


What’s ELT?

>The governance token of EdenLoop

>earn as reward from staking ETH, KLAY

What’s EELT?

>The utility token of EdenLoop, basic currency of Garden of Eden (GOE)

>earn as reward from staking ELT

What’s E-Staking?

>You may stake ETH, KLAY

>get rewarded in ELT (governance token)/ stake ELT to get EELT (utility token)

What’s Tier System?

>Based on the amount you stake, you’ll be rewarded points and this will level up in the Tier System (Tier1~ Tier 10)

What’s PFP Project?

>You’ll be rewarded PFP NFT based on your Tier Level

>Meaning the more you stake, the more points you earn, the higher tier level you are, the rarer PFP NFT you earn

What’s E-NFT Farming?

>You may stake NFT you purchased from our NFT marketplace and PFP NFT you own to complete NFT Collection

>get a “RARE NFT” which can be transformed into E.N.D

What’s E.N.D?

>RARE NFT can be converted to Eden NFT Data which is tradable or you may use the asset in GOE

>Or burn the data to earn EELT reward (basic currency in GOE)

What’s EDEN Ticket?

>Ticket to enter GOE!

>Enjoy variety of service in GOE

ie: Tickert holders may scan faces via VisualLoop Box to implement real life faces as an avatar in GOE

See you there in Garden of Eden.