DEN LOOP TOKEN (ELT) Announces Listing on Gate.io 등록일 : 2022-11-16 11:13:16.0

Greetings, EdenLoop community! We are thrilled to announce that we are listing on Gate.io

ELT market opens

4th August 13:00 (UTC)

ELT will be tradable on Gate.io when market opens!

Listing event

1. Event on Gate.io

Period: 3rd August 10:00 ~ 4th August 10:00 (UTC)

Details: TBA

2. ELT x Gate.io event

Period: TBA

3. Daily attendance check event

*good news! We’ve extended the period of the event with easier way to join.

· Starting from 1st August

· You’ll get 1 e-ticket if attendance is checked for 7 days (not exactly 7 days in a roll)

· ie: You’ll get 1 e-ticket if you checked attendance 4 days for this week and you carry over to the next week

Note: Daily attendance check event for July has ended. All users who’d joined the event will get 3 e-tickets!

STAY CLOSE for the special listing events coming soon!