Edenloop Community Reward Event 등록일 : 2022-11-16 11:23:02.0

Greetings EdenLoop community, this is an announcement regarding Edenloop Community Reward Event, specially for users who promote Edenloop project with full power!

1. Create any post to earn 500ELT reward 

1) Description : any post containing EdenLoop project announcements on all types of community platform will earn you 500ELT (Only the announcements with *share*)

2) Reward : 500ELT Airdrop Card

3) Event period : 30 days after system update announcement

4) Terms &conditions :  Ranked by number of community posts. Top 50th winners will be announced before distributing reward

5) we will need your

- EdenLoop Account/EdenLoop Account Linked Metamask Address

- Post URL

- Screenshots that can verify that the post is yours (to show whether the post can be modified by you) 

- Channel operation links such as social medias, blogs, channel link, and discord,twitter, reddit etc (additional points for those who has been selected as VIP at the end of each month)

2. VIP (active users) selection

1) Description : We will reward 500ELT cards + 5,000 ELT cards to the 3 most active users with the most influential comments in the community

2) VIP Rewards : 500ELT CARD + 5,000ELT CARD

3) VIP Selection Criteria

- Number of community posts created

- Number of views and comments of community posts

- additional points will be given to those who own a personal channel and social media activities related to EdenLoop


- 500ELT and 5,000ELT cards have a lockup period of 30 days and 60 days, respectively, and will be sent to Metamask Wallet after the lockup period has ended

- Creating posts that violate the purpose of other events, such as abusing will not be included

- Only posts uploaded with *distributable* and posted officially by EdenLoop will be recognized.

As soon as ELT airdrop tab is updated, we will announce details regarding this event.

Thank you.

EdenLoop Team