Announcement Regarding Genesis NFT Drops 등록일 : 2022-11-16 11:26:18.0

Greetings. This is an announcement regarding Genesis NFT drop.

[30,00ELT ~ 99,999 ELT]

-RARE NFT for E-NFT Farming

[300,000 ELT or above]

-1 Master Card NFT for E-NFT Farming

-EdenLoop Honoured User (blue tick user)

-100 e-tickets

Holder verification e-mail will be sent today to those who submitted google form for application. Please go through the e-mail and MUST READ below.


1. e-mail will be sent ONLY by contact@edenloop.io (Please beware of scammers)

2. Make sure to connect your MetaMask wallet on edenloop.net and check wallet connected. (My Profile> Wallet Settings)

3. After final verification, NFT drops will be sent on 25 August.

4. Reward descriptions

-RARE NFT: Usable in distinctive NFT collections of E-NFT Farming

-MASTER CARD NFT: Usable in ALL NFT collections of E-NFT Farming & will not be launched after this, nor similar functional ones

-Both NFTs are tradable and transferable among users.