Post & Earn Community Reward Event 등록일 : 2022-11-16 11:36:40.0

1. Create post to earn 500ELT airdrop

1) Description : posts containing EdenLoop project announcements on all types of community platform will earn you 500ELT Airdrop Card.(Only the announcements with *share*)

2) Reward : 500ELT Airdrop Card

3) Event period : 25 AUG~ 25 SEP

4) Terms &conditions : The more you post, the higher chance to win! Top 50th winners will be announced before distributing reward

5) MUST submit form to verify MUST submit form to verify : https://forms.gle/dkreB4V6Eycah2zv8

2. VIP selection

1) Description : We will giveaway 500ELT + 5,000ELT Airdrop Cards to the 3 most active users with the most influential comments in the community

2) VIP Rewards : 500ELT + 5,000ELT Airdrop Cards

● VIP Selection Criteria 

- Number of community posts created

- Number of views and comments of community posts

- additional points will be given to those who own a personal channel and social media activities related to EdenLoop


- 500ELT and 5,000ELT Airdrop Cards have a lockup period of 30 days and 60 days, respectively, and will be sent to Metamask Wallet after the lockup period has ended

- Posts that violate the purpose of other events, such as abusing will not be included

- Only posts uploaded with *share* and posted officially by EdenLoop will be recognized.