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Block Loop System

EdenLoop is attracting great attention as an NFT search engine 'BlockLoop' and heralded the expansion of global NFT portal sites based on the BlockLoop System. It works similarly to Google's web crawling technology on the blockchain by categorizing and analyzing NFT databases with numerous algorithms, then collects and connects infos on EdenLoop.NFTs around the world are searchable and tradable on our NFT portal.


EDEN LOOP platform provides various services that seek to maximize the profits of users through their activities. EDEN LOOP’s tier system was designed for this purpose. Through the staking of ELT, the key currency of the platform, we provide part of the transaction fee as reward. The rewards are used as points for the users upgrade their tiers in the “tier system”.

The Association of Staking and Tier System
According to the volumes of ETH, KLAY or ELT deposited, each user can redeem various rewards in each tier from tier 1 to 10. The additional rewards for each tier are connected to future rewards that are closely related to the NFT farming system and Garden of Eden, another virtual world pursued by EDEN LOOP. This means that higher amounts of transactions on the platform lead to proportionately higher transactional rewards for users. EDEN LOOP shares the profit from an ecosystem that is activated by users and presents the true way for a healthy blockchain ecosystem and Web 3.0.

E-NFT Farming

NFT farming is a new type of yield farming that combines NFT and DEX transacted in the EDEN LOOP ecosystem. EDEN LOOP’s NFT farming system is an ELT reward system for activities such as buying and collecting NFT and combining rewards from the EDEN LOOP ecosystem. It does not end with an NFT purchase but is continued with rewards according to the duration of ownership and completion of a collection. The “NFT collection”, at the core of this system, is a new reward system that constantly provides ELT tokens following the combination of NFTs either bought in the EDEN LOOP ecosystem or received as tier reward. Users not only own NFTs after making transactions but also earn larger profits through constant rewards. EDEN LOOP tracks the list of NFT ownership in real-time through automatic compilation and assigns ELT in each user’s wallet. The APR of the NFT collection owned by each user can be checked through their profile. Upon completion of an NFT collection, users receive rare ELT rewards. These can transform into EDEN NFT DATA (E.N.D), which can be exchanged into goods or EELT assets in Garden of Eden.

Edenloop NFT Platform

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