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EdenLoop 3.0

We are pursuing a truly decentralized NFT marketplace applying the BlockLoop System.

The BlockLoop System plays a significant role in connecting NFT ecosystem. This will connect NFTs generated by other existing blockchain networks, which acts similar to Google’s Web Crawler technology. The system will classify and analyze numerous algorithms in the blockchain network, and the relevant data will be collected, then connect with EdenLoop platform. Such environment enables NFTs from all around the world built in blockchain to be searched, multi-chain NFTs such as Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Klayton and more are tradable.

Rewards of transactions done by BlockLoop system will be given as ETH, MATIC, KLAY and more, while royalties will be given as ELT.

We are building a system where seller, buyer, reseller, auction sellers and others can be rewarded with ELT.

All the way to “a WEB 3.0-based NFT platform”!

BlockLoop System

A Web 3.0 open-designed marketplace

BlockLoop System 1.1

1.1. Why listing on BlockLoop?

By just one-click, you may list your NFTs on EdenLoop. Friction-free and you pay nothing for listing fees. 50% of the transaction fees from the first sales of the NFT will be rewarded by ELT or EELT.

1.2. Why buying on BlockLoop?

Time-saving and effortless to search NFTs on a single spot that unifies numerous marketplaces. We are able to feed what collectors need in terms of accuracy and fast work. Here NFTs are filtered to avoid scams and reviewed by index results through SEO. By purchasing NFTs you will earn Tier Point. Earn points and you’ll be rewarded. From second sale onwards, you may earn 2-10% rewards, up to you. Claim Rare NFT when you stake your collected NFTs in E-NFT Farming.

Q: I can’t see the price of NFT searched by BlockLoop. Why?
A: The price will be displayed after you make a purchase request and the seller approved.
Q: How can I purchase NFTs searched by BlockLoop?
A: You may request to purchase and after the seller’s approval, you’re ready to trade.
Q: Are the NFTs searched by BlockLoop the same NFTs on other marketplaces?
A: Yes. They are the same NFTs.
Q: What if the NFT I searched by BlockLoop was sold at the exact same time on another marketplace as I trade it on EdenLoop?
A: Transactions on blockchain are in real-time basis. Once transaction is completed first on the other marketplace, the transaction you made on BlockLoop may be unsuccessful.
Q: What should I search using BlockLoop?
A: You may search the title (name) or description (keywords) of the NFT you wish to explore.
Q: Are secondary sales available on BlockLoop?
A: At the moment, you may do secondary sales on Ethereum-based marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare, and SuperRare etc.
Q: In what cryptocurrency will the Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, and Klayton-based NFTs searched by BlockLoop be traded?
A: Starting from July, you will be able to trade Ethereum NFTs in ETH. Polygon, Binance, and Klayton NFTs can be traded in their respective cyptocurrencies after that, will be updated one by one.

DAO Grading System

  • Silver
  • - Newly listed creations.

  • Gold
  • - Creations with sales at least $2,416 and 3 transfers or above.

  • Platinum
  • - Creations with sales at least $8,054 and 5 transfers or above, after EdenLoop’s evaluation.


2022 Q4 Coming Soon


Create wallet


Metaverse Partnership

install metamask



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  • 08- Opening of EdenLoop Platform
  • 09- Opening of NFT Art Limited Gallery
  • 10- Update on Reward System : 1st Distribution of B2B API
  • 11- Update on NFT Transactions
  • ELT, ETH


  • Q1- Update on BlockLoop System
  • - NFT 3D Cryptocurrency Transaction (ELT,ETH)
  • Q2- 1ST Distribution of B2B API
  • Q3- Update on VisualLoop System
  • - M-Commerce Construction
  • Q4- 2nd Distribution of B2B API
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  • Q1- Stallion NFT PRE-SALE Teaser Website Open
  • - Concept Page Disclosure Community Open
  • : Families Community &


  • App 2.0 Game Launch

What is an NFT?

Q : What is an NFT?

A: NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, a token with a specific value stored in a blockchain. Due to the encrypted transaction details being permanently stored in the blockchain, it is uniquely identifiable and non-duplicable. As a result, NFTs typically contain references to digital art that each hold a unique ownership and the value is preserved.

Q: What are Cryptocurrency Transactions?

A: EdenLoop was the first in Korea to introduce the Ethereum-based crypto transaction system in the blockchain network, tradable by ELT (EDEN LOOP TOKEN) or ETH (Ether)

*Crypto transaction is only available on PC at the moment. Mobile version is scheduled to be updated in the latter half of the year.
(Please refer to the guidelines for PC, also refer to guidelines for Metamask if unable for mobile version.)


Q: How to create NFTs?


  1. Sign in and click the user icon. Then, click Create.
  2. Choose the art type you wish to create.
  3. Make sure you have your MetaMask wallet connected to proceed.
  4. Upload the file you wish to create, no more than 40MB. We support PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4, MP3, and we strongly recommend you to upload picture files 1,500 pixel and above for the best quality. (Only upload thumbnail image if your content is not a PNG, GIF, JPG file, or else you don’t have to upload a thumbnail)
  5. Check the preview of your creation.
  6. Choose sell method. Auctions are not available for now.
  7. Set a price you wish to sell your creation in either ETH (Ether) or KRW (Korean Won). We’ll take 2% of service fee for each creation.
  8. Choose payment method, we support cryptocurrencies and credit card.
  9. Give your creation a title and write something about it. Any language will do.
  10. Provide an external link so that we can know more about this item. This will be shown on this item’s detail page.
  11. Set royalties up to 30%. You will collect the fee when a user re-sells your creation, which will be deducted from the final sale price and paid monthly to your default wallet address.
  12. Set number of editions. (Each creation allows one edition at the moment)

Q: Can I cancel my creation’s listing?

My Profile> NFT> Creation> Cancel Listing
Note that gas fee is required to cancel listing, and your creation will remain as an NFT even after you cancel the listing.

Q: How to buy an NFT?


  1. Sign in and click the NFT you wish to buy then click Buy Now.
  2. Make sure your MetaMask wallet is connected to proceed with the payment.
  3. Gas fee is required to do payments. Check the amount of estimated gas fee and the total amount before check out.
  4. After payment is done, you’ll meet your purchased NFT at My Profile> Collection.

Q: Where can I view my purchased NFT?


  1. My Profile> NFT> Collection
  2. Check your MetaMask wallet or connect MetaMask wallet to OpenSea.


Q: What is a MetaMask Wallet?

A: MetaMask is a decentralized personal cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with Ethereum blockhain. You can create a MetaMask wallet through a browser extension or mobile app. (We do not support MetaMask app at the moment). This wallet is required to purchase and store EdenLoop’s and Ethereum-based tokens and NFTs around the world.

Q: How to create a MetaMask Wallet?


    Create wallet
  1. To create a MetaMask wallet, access to the website and click Download now.
  2. MetaMask website: https://metamask.io/ install metamask
  3. Choose your respective device among Chrome, IOS, and Android and proceed with the installation.
  4. add to chrome
  5. Click Add to Chrome.
  6. get started
  7. After adding the extension, click Get Started to create an account.
  8. create metamask wallet
  9. Click Create Wallet to create a MetaMask wallet.
  10. click Agree
  11. Go through the terms and conditions and click I Agree.
  12. enter password
  13. Enter your password to log into MetaMask, check the terms and conditions box and click Create.
  14. click to reveal
  15. Click to reveal and jot down 12-word backup phrase
  16. *This 12-word back-up phrase is needed to recover your wallet or to log in from a new device. Wallet cannot be recovered if you lost the phrase. Please write it down or store it in a USB or somewhere safe.

    click confirm
  17. Enter the 12-word backup phrase in the right order and click Confirm.
  18. log in to wallet
  19. You may log into your wallet by clicking MetaMask logo in the Chrome extension bar. (Mobile App version not available)
  20. for mobile1 for mobile2
  21. For mobile users, after creating a MetaMask wallet, you may connect your wallet and access to EdenLoop marketplace via the Browser in MetaMask.

Q. What is EdenLoop transaction fee (Service fee)?

A: We take 2% of every transaction involving an NFT (buy or sell) on EdenLoop as transaction fee. When a listed NFT is sold, the amount after deducting 2% of transaction fee will be paid to the seller. When a listed NFT is purchased, the buyer has to pay the listing price plus the transaction fee.

Q. What is Creator Royalties (Creator Fees)?

A: This is a reward system that pays the ‘original creator’ who first created and issued the NFT. From the second sale onwards, up to 10% royalties will be paid to the original creator for each transaction.

My Profile

Q: What can I do with My Profile?

A: First of all, make sure to sign in before you get started.

1. NFT

1.1 Creation: Creations you created and listed.
1.2 Collection: Your airdrops, purchased, transferred NFTs that you own.

2. Dashboard

2.1 E-Staking: Coming Soon

3. ELT Airdrop Card

3.1 Ongoing: ELT Airdrop Card (lockup)
3.2 Ended: ELT Airdrop Card (lockup ended)

4. Referral

4.1 My Referral Code: My personal referral code
4.2 Share: Share my personal referral code via link or QR code
4.3 Referral Detail: My personal referral code’s details
4.4 Referral History: My personal referral code’s history

Icons and Terms

Q. What is an Edition?

A: Edition here is similar to editions in the traditional art field. A digital work can have copies issued as an NFT but each has a unique Token ID, different transaction history, and unique identity. For example, a NFT collection of 100 pieces means that an artwork is issued as NFTs with different serial numbers. 33/100 means it is the #33 of that artwork out of 100.

Q. What do these icons mean?
  • Transaction icon– number of transactions made after the NFT was listed.
  • Inflation icon– the rate of increase in current listing price over the first listing price.

Q: What do these terms mean?

  • Approval pending- Phase where your creation will be in review by EdenLoop curator.
  • Approved- Phase where your creation will be in review by EdenLoop curator.
  • Mint- By clicking ‘Mint’, it means you mint an NFT by converting digital data (your creation) into crypto collections or digital assets recorded on the blockchain. (gas fees is required)
  • Minting in progress- Phase where you are awaiting your NFT to be minted.
  • Minting is successful- Your creation has been minted as an NFT successfully.
  • Check status- Check status of the actions you requested.
  • List- By clicking ‘List’, it means you want to set a price for your NFT for sale. (gas fees is required)
  • Listing approval- You request to list your minted NFT. (gas fees is required)
  • Listing in review- Your NFT is in review for listing.
  • Listing is approved- Your NFT listing request has been approved.
  • Listed- Your NFT has been listed successfully and it is now for sale.
  • Token approval- You request to list your purchased NFT collection for secondary sale.
  • Token approved- Your request to list your purchased NFT collection for secondary sale has been approved.