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Release of 2nd Limited NFT Artwork on Saintmuse Limited Gallery 등록일 : 2022-11-16 10:18:13.0

We are excited to announce the release of 2nd featured NFT Artwork on Saintmuse Limited Gallery successively, after the first featured artwork (200 editions) which were all sold out at approximately $70,000.

This time we present you a pre-released artwork. Collectors are all anticipated that they just can’t wait for the release date to be announced.

Results gained from the last sale

The 200 editions of limited artwork were minted and sold on EdenLoop. One of them were resold on a secondary market, listed 250 dollars and was flipped with a 580% rise in price ($1700), and more transactions are to be expected.

About the 2nd featured artwork on Saintmuse Limited Gallery

This time we introduce you ‘Joker’, an art piece about Joaquin Phoenix’s play in Joker, created by artist ChangYong Shin. The artwork was a sold out-piece in Shin’s solo exhibition ‘Toy Painting’ last September.

The story behind ‘Joker’

‘This artwork is about Joaquin Phoenix’s play in Joker.

We are born to discover what we really want in our lives and this is definitely a lonely and tough way to go through. As a member of the society we have to fulfill rights and tasks under the name of society frame, and yet we can’t have happiness and a guaranteed future.

Joker once dreamt and imagined him being the happy man he wished to be, despite the darkness of reality set him off even he had put on much effort. Numbers of event had ruined his balance in life and this had dissociated him. However, this dissociation had caused the explosion of his personality and the audience had picked up joy in the chaos.

Before his role in Joker, he played in “You Were Never Really Here”(2018) and his acting was already way beyond Joker’s play. Cinephiles had discussions on his casting as Joker, and so did I. He came into my canvas at the same time with Joker’s release, several artworks came into the world as ‘nerd painting’ is the genre I pursue. It can be said that me myself and the audience, we all are the Joker inside my artwork. It has come to the point to create ‘Joker 2’, and I am both quite nervous and excited for this.’

Artist ChangYong Shin

The value of Saintmuse Limited Gallery

Saintmuse Limited Gallery is a digital gallery that we mint artworks of well-known K-artists to link them with real economy and to protect artists’ IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). This helps to connect artists and brands, where the design and creative artworks can be utilized in real economy. Not to mention this is an expansion to provide chances to “bridge” artists and brands, and more collaborations are on their way.

Artists ChangYong Shin’s ‘Joker’ release date announcement

To be announced via EdenLoop’s Official Twitter