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EdenLoop’s “COEX WINTER GALLERY 2021” Is On Show Now! 등록일 : 2022-11-16 10:22:44.0

Greetings. This is EdenLoop.

We are extremely excited to bring you to dive into the “COEX WINTER GALLERY 2021”, with the theme of 비상(飛上/非常) which means flying extremely high in Korean, a NFT art exhibition starting from 23rd to 31st December 2021.

Since our marketplace’s launching last August, we’ve activated NFT transactions through the Limited Gallery, two featured artworks were sold as limited editions. This time we present you an exclusive art exhibition that includes contemporary art, painting, sculpture, graffiti, video and more NFT artworks created by K-artists.

Lee Sae Hyun, Seonglib, Moon Seo Hyeon, Jang Sae Hee and others, 24 well-known K-artists involved themselves with around 50 pieces of fascinating and lively artworks in this exhibition.

Not to mention that the giant K-company, Samsung Electronics has joined force with us as a official partner. The artworks in this exhibition are all displayed on the new launched series (THE FRAME, THE SERIF, THE SERO) by Samsung, that says to be stunning, interactive, adaptive portable QLED Smart TVs uniquely reflect the artworks. Samsung Electronics was also the official partner of Sotheby’s, one of the world ‘s largest brokers when the first NFT auction was held last June.

Latest Updates

We’ve unveiled our development plan of BlockLoop System, a NFT search engine to fit in this WEB 3.0 environment and to serve as a metaverse-orientated NFT marketplace. 340k users joined us and also, more firms and foundations are partnering with us.

So, stay tuned and be with us as Eden Loop’s NFT ecosystem will be expanded in no time.