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EdenLoop Limited NFT Giveaway #1 등록일 : 2022-11-16 10:32:46.0

Hello, EdenLoop Community.

We are beyond excited to announce that we are giving away limited NFTs!

This is a NFT Giveaway to all the creators as an appreciation for supporting us with infinite creativities!

Reward Pool?

NFT Giveaway for selected creative works (500ea/ randomly distributed)


1. Create a meme, sticker, character for EdenLoop (in any form jpeg, gif, mp4, obj, etc). You may utilize EdenLoop’s theme or logo.

2. Submit your creation to our email event@edenloop.io and Telegram


3. Attach your metamask address together with your work

4. You’re done!


3 February 2022 (since the first announcement) ~25 February 2022

Distribution Time?

28 February 2022


•You MUST submit to both email event@edenloop.io and Telegram


•Creations submitted will be selected by EdenLoop Curator Team and will be minted on EdenLoop NFT marketplace later. (Minting period: TBA)

•The more creative and more it is related to EdenLoop your creation is, the more your creation stands a chance to be minted. No gas fee. No fee required.

Be creative. Your creativeness means a lot to us and guess what? This monetizes your creative ideas!

We’ll be waiting for inspiring creations to be shown to the world!