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Kim Hongmo Joined EdenLoop 등록일 : 2022-11-16 10:35:58.0

Greetings, EdenLoop community.

We are thrilled to announce Kim Hongmo — Naver (market cap $ 44.4 billion) and Daum (Kakao, market cap $ 34.2 billion) search engine team project leader joined our team.

We have announced our BlockLoop system development plan.

The BlockLoop system is an NFT search engine that operates in the blockchain ecosystem, similar to Google’s web crawler technology and compatible on multichain ecosystems such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Klayton.

It connects ecosystems of each marketplaces and leads to decentralized transactions, to provide a more convenient environment to trade and search NFTs once.

Project leader Kim Hong-mo’s Profile

· Bachelor in Department of Computer Engineering at Seoul National University

· CEO of Allefactory (Project Technology and Development Consulting)

· Project Leader of KAKAO Corp. (formerly known as DAUM Corp.)

· Software Developer of NAVER (formerly known as NHN)

What he did?

Kim was the leader of R&D team in KAKAO. He developed the search engine that processes webs, blogs, cafes (community platform).

In order to increase the competitiveness of search services, Kim developed a technology that can utilize the full position index-based proximity for ranking which provided functions such as real-time document duplication and removal of duplicate domains.

This has led to such success where the demand of Google’s web search engine was resolved, and it has been applied to most searching sites.

In order to process new set of data on social medias, Kim implemented a real-time search engine prototype that can handle requirements such as real-time index change.